Netaxis Inspiration Day Antwerp – Wrap up

In this blog post, see how did the Netaxis Inspiration Day in Antwerp and summary of the event.
Speaker at Netaxis Inspiration Day

Netaxis Inspiration Day Antwerp – Wrap Up

Inspiring VoIP technology developments

Now that the dust has settled after the whirlwind that was the Netaxis Inspiration Day in Antwerp it is a good time to reflect on the event and share some thoughts. Since starting to work with Netaxis I have had to get used to the way we describe ourselves.  We are a Competence Centre in VoIP technology for network operators. My natural inclination was initially to think that hey, we aren’t a competence centre, we are a centre of excellence but you know this is just a language cultural thing. They both mean the same thing. We know our stuff.

When it came to the Antwerp event/workshop we called it an Inspiration Day. You know what? It was inspiring. It was a great meeting of folk from around the European telecoms industry to talk business, technology and to basically network with their peers. Everyone who came, without exception learnt a lot and at the same time really enjoyed themselves.

We had a fairly diverse set of people there, although they could broadly be divided into business types and technology types. Considering this we had two tracks in the afternoon – you guessed it, business and technology. Both sessions were highly interactive and lots of question from the floor make for great talks.

We had four sponsors: Oracle who took the Platinum spot and Ribbon, Audiocodes and RingCentral who took Gold. The enthusiasm of our partners to sponsor our events is telling. It sends out the signal that we have good relationships with key industry players. It also suggests that our industry is booming. This, if our growth, the increase in our customer base and the enthusiasm with which our customers signed up for our event, is our own view of our world. This is a good time to be around in Netaxis and this industry.

From a numbers perspective we had 65 attendees (86 incl Netaxis people), from 31 different companies Attendees split by country were:  Belgium/Luxembourg: 40, UK : 7, Netherlands: 14, France: 2  and Italy : 2

Belgium is where the company began and hitherto our core market. However both the UK and Netherlands are seeing rapid growth. It is particularly pleasing to observe that last year at the same event we had no UK customers in attendance.

I’d like to thank all the speakers and sponsors who came along and provided such an entertaining day. Same goes for all the customers who made the effort. We would be nothing without both sets of people.

Next up is going to be Miami (someone has to go) in November where Netaxis are both sponsoring and exhibiting at Broadsoft Connections 2018. You may know that Broadsoft, recently acquired by Cisco, are phasing out support for their LOKI portal. We will be there pitching our own API Orchestrator APIO for LOKI users looking for a replacement. If you want to hear more do get in touch. You know it makes sense 🙂

PS those of you interested in the content from Antwerp here is a summary of the running order together with links to the slides

Morning track
  • Dominic Black (Cavell group) – Cloud comms market update: slides can be requested via mail
  • Nuno Savaria (Oracle Communications) – Digital transformation: link
  • Jean-Sebastien Decubber (Netaxis Solutions) – Netaxis products today and tomorrow: link
  • Justin Hart (Ribbon) – Choosing a virtualization strategy: link
Business track
  • Jan-Rijk Vonk (KPN) – how KPN deals with changes in the UC domain: link
  • Bart Coelmont (Netaxis Solutions) & Martin John (AQL) – how Netaxis can help you shape your API strategy: link
  • Yann Le Merle (Ringcentral) – The future of collaborative communications: link
  • Nuno Savaria: 5G Networks and some of the disruptions it brings to the telco world: link
Technical track track
  • Stefan Walraevens (Inmanta) – orchestrate & automate end-to-end to lead the game: link
  • Merve Sahin (Eurecom) – Leveraging machine learning techniques for fraud detection: link
  • Frederic Bollaerts (Netaxis Solutions) – The Netaxis monitoring suite: link
  • Guy Yaffe (Audiocodes) – The future of SBCs: link

Panel debate led by Trefor Davies.

panel debate at Netaxis innovation day

Photo below was taken during the post-inspiration day rooftop BBQ and networking social at the De Koninck Brewery.

VoIP technology networking event

Netaxis are a leading innovator in the provision of systems and support to the VoIP telco industry. If you use session border controllers or softswitch for your VoIP services then there is a good chance that you are using, or are about to use a Netaxis product.

We provide highly functional network monitoring and reporting, fraud detection and mitigation. Our Session Routing Engine is used by operators in the UK to adhere to the latest Ofcom (UK regulator) rules on CLI presentation and our flexible API Orchestrator, the lynchpin for many Fixed Mobile Convergence services, is quoted by customers as the means by which they save up to two thirds on their development costs and timeframes when it comes to integrating different elements around their network.

We are Ribbon and Oracle Silver Partners and also work with Audiocodes, Broadsoft/Cisco, Metaswitch, Microsoft Skype for Business/Teams and others.

Think speed, Think Innovation, Think Netaxis.

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