NIMS – Number Inventory Management System


Streamline telecoms number inventory

A cutting-edge, API-driven platform for advanced inventory management.


Take full control of your number inventory

In the rapidly evolving telecoms landscape, accurate inventory management ensures that operators can provide reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective services to their customers. Netaxis NIMS offers a comprehensive solution, helping telecoms operators improve accuracy, reduce costs, optimise resource utilisation, and streamline service delivery.

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The compliance-focused design and robust reporting tools ensure adherence to regulations and improve data accuracy.

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Operational efficiency

Automated processes and streamlined workflows reduce the time and effort spent on number management tasks.

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Quick number provisioning and the ability to meet customer demands in real-time, significantly boosts customer satisfaction.

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Optimised number utilisation and reduced manual errors lead to significant cost savings and better resource management.


NIMS simplifies number management challenges

The lifecycle of a telephone number, inherently complex and dynamic, faces additional challenges from regulatory requirements and legacy systems. Netaxis NIMS makes number inventory simple and reduces costs. With automated lifecycle management, advanced reporting and real-time allocation, NIMS is the ultimate number inventory solution for telecoms operators.

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Endless benefits for telecoms operators

Provisioning and managing an ever-increasing volume of numbers, while ensuring regulatory compliance and optimising operating costs can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. Netaxis NIMS is designed to reduce complexity, enabling operators to take full control of their number inventory.
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Automated lifecycle management

NIMS tracks a number status throughout its lifecycle, from acquisition to decommissioning, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

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Advanced reporting

With robust reporting and analytics, NIMS provides granular insights into number provisioning, utilisation, changes, or porting activities, boosting data accuracy and system integrity.

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Integration capabilities

Netaxis NIMS can integrate seamlessly with other systems, such as number portability (NPACT) and session routing engine (SRE) to simplify workflows and data synchronisation.

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Real-time inventory visibility

NIMS offers a centralised source of inventory data, enabling operators to to respond to customer demands in real-time and reducing the number of active interfaces to maintain.

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Seamless API integration

With its API endpoints, NIMS can integrate with platforms, such as order management, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and other business support systems, streamlining sales and customer support.

Want to streamline telecoms number inventory?

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