NPACT – Number Portability


Transform your telecoms operations

Streamline number portability with advanced automation.

Helping telecoms operators solve number portability challenges

In a landscape where over 100 countries enforce number portability, and mobile space witnesses more than 40% of numbers being ported, telecoms operators face increasing complexities due to rising customer expectations and evolving regulatory environments. NPACT is built on the proven API Orchestration platform and is designed to automate the complex number porting process.

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NPACT ensures system compatibility through seamless integration, guaranteeing regulatory compliance with national and international standards.

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NPACT enhances customer experience through quick service activation, transparent communication, and real-time updates.

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NPACT offers a versatile platform, facilitating communication, scalable architecture, and advanced analytics for informed decision-making.


Revolutionise porting with NPACT

NPACT offers telecoms operators a robust, efficient, and user-friendly solution to elevate their number portability processes and enhance overall customer satisfaction in a highly competitive market.
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Automated workflow

Revolutionise the porting process with an automated workflow, significantly boosting efficiency by seamlessly managing and executing tasks in a streamlined manner.
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Compliance adherence

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with a robust system ensuring adherence to evolving regulations, providing a compliant foundation for operations while mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.
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User-friendly interface

Elevate operational efficiency through a user-friendly interface, designed for intuitive interactions that empower users to navigate tasks effortlessly, ultimately optimizing overall workflow and user experience.
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Advanced reporting tools

Unlock a deeper understanding of operations with advanced reporting tools, enabling the generation of insightful analytics and comprehensive reports that aid in informed decision-making and strategic planning.
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Real-time notifications

Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering real-time notifications, keeping customers informed and engaged with timely updates, creating a responsive and customer-centric environment.
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Scalability and flexibility

Address diverse operational needs effortlessly with a solution that offers scalability and flexibility, allowing seamless adaptation to changing requirements and ensuring optimal performance across various scenarios.
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Data security and privacy

Prioritize the integrity of sensitive information with stringent data security and privacy measures, establishing a secure environment that safeguards data against unauthorized access, ensuring trust and compliance with privacy regulations.
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