Netaxis VoIP Training Academy flourishes

Netaxis Training Academy starts SIP training courses. The course covers TCP/IP protocol, VoIP protocols and SIP, SIP Methods and Responses - read more to see the details.
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Netaxis SIP Training Academy flourishes

One of the very pleasant surprises we have had this year is the level of uptake to our Netaxis Academy training programmes led by our SIP training courses.

We began our Netaxis Training Academy based on a request from a couple of customers for some in depth learning on various equipment we had either sold them or had ended up supporting on their behalf (this happens a lot). We are talking mainly SBCs here. Although the vendors themselves offer training and accreditation there was a thirst for some additional hands on practical advice. After all what you learn in a classroom doesn’t always tell you what needs doing in the real networking world, especially when it comes to problem solving.

So we put together a couple of training sessions and to our surprise they were over-subscribed. In response to customer demand we now have a roster of training that will satisfy the needs of a variety of customer types/implementations/situations – you chose. 

One of our most popular courses is on basic SIP Essentials. As VoIP permeates (takes over) the whole world it makes sense that engineers who come from a pure IP data background might need to appraise themselves of how voice works over their now homogeneous networks. 

The type of content you will see in this SIP training course includes:

TCP/IP protocol, VoIP protocols and SIP, SIP Methods and Responses, SIP Headers etc etc etc. All really good stuff and which should be of interest even to someone who thinks they are up to speed on SIP but maybe could do with a refresher.

Some of our other courses such as SRE – the Netaxis Solutions Session Routing Engine actually give you a very good insight into deployment and routing architecture generally and not just about our own software. Ditto the Sigma Call Simulator, Nemo network monitoring and when it is launched, our anti fraud training.

If you are interested in being trained up on VoIP the Netaxis Training Academy is for you. Courses are available in French, Italian and English and are located at various handy spots around Europe such as Brussels, Milan and Utrecht (alphabetical order :). We can also come to you if you have a team that needs educating but can’t travel.

The current course schedule can be found on the Netaxis Academy page and you can also get in touch by sending an email to You know it makes sense.

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