Netaxis APIO is finalist in 3 prestigious ITSPA Awards

Netaxis API Orchestrator becomes a finalist in three ITSPA Awards: Best Software, Best Infrastructure Solution and Best Innovation.
ITSPA Awards ceremony

Netaxis APIO is finalist in 3 prestigious ITSPA Awards

Netaxis APIO has made it to the shortlist for 3 ITSPA Awards: Best Software, Best Infrastructure Solution and Best Innovation. 

APIO is hot property right now due to its positioning as a replacement for the Loki provisioning platform for Cisco BroadWorks. Cisco ended support for Loki last year leaving many service providers around the world looking for a new provisioning solution. This APIO replacement for Loki is really the culmination of work that started seven years ago with custom platforms for Netaxis customer who based their services on Broadworks. When the Loki end of life was announced (Cisco gave a year or so notice) Netaxis stepped up the work to make APIO a shoe in (ish ours is better) for the obsolete solution.

Now APIO is very much our mainstream product attracting interest from around the world. The fact that APIO has been shortlisted for all three categories entered is a real testament to the strength of our solution. Not only is our APIO software innovative but it has real and valuable uses in service provider networks where it significantly contributes to lower costs and increased efficiency.

Netaxis have a track record in winning awards. At the ITSPAs two years ago we won Best VoIP Infrastructure with our Nemo Suite of monitoring products. Last year we hit the jackpot in the same three categories entered in 2020 with our Session Routing Engine SRE and now it’s APIO. 

These awards are really useful when it comes to showing customers the underlying pedigree and quality at Netaxis. Badges of honour and significant achievements. They are also great boosts to internal morale – everyone likes to think they are doing a good job. We have some great talent at Netaxis 🙂

Check out or post for last year’s ITSPA Awards and that from 2018. The actual awards themselves have been postponed to October due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Ironically with most people being sent to work from home the services being provided by our APIO customers are becoming more popular than ever.

Dont forget if you are looking for a replacement for the Loki portal for Cisco BroadWorks do get in touch.

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