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Netaxis Solutions and Cloud Communications Alliance are thrilled to announce the latest Inspiration Day 2023!
Immerse yourself in the world of Unified Communications and Collaboration

Inspiration Day and CCA forum for 2023 is an exciting double event scheduled for the 7th and 8th of June 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium. The event will provide an engaging platform for industry experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in cloud communications. It will be an exceptional opportunity for attendees to network with peers, learn from telecommunications industry experts, and gain insights into the latest technology solutions and service provider commercial strategies transforming the market.

The agenda for Inspiration Day 2023 promises to be engaging and insightful, with a wide range of topics that attendees can choose from across Technical and Commercial conference tracks. Keynote speakers and panellists will include leading service providers, analysts and vendors from across the cloud communications space, including Netaxis Solutions and Cloud Communications Alliance. They will provide an in-depth analysis of the industry’s current state and valuable insights into the future.

“The Cloud Communications Alliance is honored to be invited to the Netaxis Inspiration Day. I have attended several Inspiration days over the years and have left each with knowledge and connections I did not have before.”

In addition to the keynote speakers, the event will feature breakout sessions and interactive workshops, where attendees can deep dive into specific topics and explore new technologies. The topics covered will include cloud-based voice, unified communications, collaboration tools, customer experience, and more.

The event will include sessions on the importance of customer experience for enterprises, the risks of “Vendor lock-in” when managing Unified Communications platforms, and how Service Providers can explore new revenue opportunities by combining Voice with Collaboration and Productivity in the Cloud.

"Voice, UC and Contact are the keys to unlocking the future of communication. Service Providers and Telcos can join this rapid evolution by offering more value and variety to their customers."

Customer experience is crucial to the success of any enterprise. At Inspiration Day 2023, attendees will learn how to enhance customer experience through the effective use of cloud-based communications tools and techniques. These sessions will explore the latest trends and best practices to improve customer experience for the service provider and even enterprises themselves, driving customer loyalty and revenue.

Vendor lock-in has always been a significant risk when managing Unified Communications platforms. Attendees will learn about the dangers of vendor lock-in and how to avoid it by exploring integration and automation solutions. These sessions will provide insights into how organisations can take control of their voice and UC platforms to prevent vendor lock-in and future-proof their product roadmap.

“We look forward to welcoming delegates to Inspiration Day alongside our partners, Cloud Communications Alliance, to explore the untapped revenue and retention opportunities of enhancing customer experience through seamless integration and automation while avoiding vendor lock-in."

At Inspiration Day 2023, attendees will also learn about new revenue opportunities service providers can explore by integrating voice with UC, collaboration and productivity in cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments. These sessions will provide insights into the latest trends and best practices that can help Service Providers drive revenue growth and efficiency, as well as improve customer satisfaction.

“Netaxis’s Microsoft Teams solutions and SaaS model has increased the profitability of many of the members of the Cloud Communications Alliance and removed capital expenditure barriers by providing our members with exciting white-labeled solutions. I am looking forward to hearing more on Inspiration Day.”

This event will offer interactive experiences, engaging discussions, and exclusive networking opportunities. Attendees will have the chance to connect with peers, learn from industry experts, and gain insights into the latest solutions and strategies transforming the industry.

The event will be held at a stunning location, providing the perfect setting for the audience to connect, learn, and be inspired. The Inspiration Day 2023 website features a detailed agenda, speaker profiles, and registration information.

Register today and take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired! You can also follow the Netaxis LinkedIn page to learn more about Inspiration Day 2023 and get involved.

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