Empowering Voice Communications: Netaxis Fusion for Cisco BroadWorks

Discover how Netaxis Fusion revolutionises Voice Communications by connecting Cisco BroadWorks to multiple telco ecosystem functions.

Netaxis Fusion is a docking station that facilitates the easy connection of Cisco BroadWorks to Webex Wholesale, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other telco ecosystem functions. In the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape, service providers face the daunting task of managing complex Voice and Unified Communications (UC) environments efficiently. Enter Netaxis Fusion for Cisco BroadWorks, a revolutionary platform designed to streamline customer onboarding, reduce operating costs, and automate Voice/UC management and provisioning. 

The Fusion platform: Centralised administration and automation

Netaxis Fusion integrates seamlessly with Cisco BroadWorks, providing service providers with a centralised administration portal that revolutionises the management of customer UC environments. By automating and streamlining the entire end-user lifecycle across different tenants, Fusion simplifies operations, ensuring that each client’s needs are met with customised solutions. This section delves into the significance of such centralised automation and the efficiencies it introduces to the management of voice and UC systems.

Key features of Netaxis Fusion

The multi-tenant architecture of Netaxis Fusion is a key for service providers, allowing the management of all customers from a single, centralised Fusion instance. This approach not only ensures customer data integrity by providing a dedicated tenant for each customer but also significantly simplifies the operational complexity associated with managing multiple clients. 


Scalability is at the heart of Netaxis Fusion, designed to accommodate the growth of service providers from hundreds to millions of end users and from a handful to thousands of tenants. Fusion’s software architecture is specifically engineered to handle high volumes of transactions efficiently without succumbing to limitations or bottlenecks, thereby seamlessly supporting service providers’ expansion efforts.

Open architecture

Netaxis Fusion’s open architecture is pivotal, offering unparalleled flexibility through API & SDK connectors. This enables robust integrations with a variety of Information Systems, including ITSM, HR systems, and billing platforms, facilitating the comprehensive management and configuration of BroadWorks customers. 


Customisation is a cornerstone of the Netaxis Fusion platform, allowing service providers to tailor their UC management and provisioning to meet specific needs. With configurations possible through the no code and low code environment providing the freedom service providers have to develop advanced use cases, either independently or with the support of Netaxis’ Professional Services team, ensuring a perfect fit for their provisioning and life cycle management requirements and facilitating the comprehensive management and configuration of BroadWorks customers. 

Workflow engine

The workflow engine within Netaxis Fusion stands as a powerful enabler for automating complex processes such as number management and SIP trunk management. It enables simple and complex workflows, advanced automation, streamlining operations, and reducing the need for manual intervention, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

Automating daily operations with Fusion

Netaxis Fusion transforms the automation of daily operations across all tenants, making tasks like MACD workflows, user profile creation, and access to phone number ranges effortless and error-free. By connecting to customers’ Active Directories for “Zero-Touch Provisioning” and establishing standardised processes, Fusion significantly reduces operational time and costs while minimising the risk of human error.

Flexible service design and customer delegation

Fusion’s flexible service design capabilities allow for the customisation of customer environments using a low-code/no-code graphical editor, while its advanced role-based control management and user-friendly interfaces empower service providers to delegate day-to-day management to customers’ admin teams or end-users.

Audit trails, tracking, and product differentiation

With Fusion, service providers gain unparalleled insight and control over their operations through audit trails, tracking, and rollback features. This not only ensures transparency and accountability but also facilitates the quick remediation of any unintended changes. Furthermore, Fusion’s ability to go beyond BroadWorks Service Packs configuration allows for customising service packages, offering a competitive edge.

Easing migration to Webex wholesale and or other UC platforms

As service providers transition to cloud-based operations, Fusion’s native connections for migrating BroadWorks customers to Webex wholesale offer a seamless pathway. By creating new User Profile Templates for the new service with the same permissions and then assigning users to the new service in bulk, Fusion simplifies what could otherwise be a complex migration process. 

Benefits of Netaxis Fusion

Adopting Netaxis Fusion brings many benefits, including improved time-to-market, increased profitability, competitive advantage, enhanced customer experience, and maintaining control over the UC environment. By differentiating their offering in the market, service providers can not only meet but exceed customer expectations. 


Netaxis Fusion for Cisco BroadWorks represents a significant leap forward in managing and automating Voice and Unified Communications for service providers. Through its comprehensive suite of features – from multi-tenancy and scalability to customizability and advanced automation – Fusion offers a robust, scalable, and future-proof platform that not only streamlines operations but also enhances service delivery and customer satisfaction. As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, Fusion stands ready to support service providers in their quest for efficiency, growth, and competitive differentiation.

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