Netaxis demonstrates how Fusion platform simplifies migrations between voice platforms

Learn how Netaxis Fusion platform simplifies voice platform migrations with automation, reducing complexity and errors.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications, more and more service providers face the daunting challenge of migrating between different voice platforms — a process notorious for its complexity and cumbersome nature. Addressing this challenge head-on, Netaxis Solutions showcases its Fusion platform, a robust tool designed to simplify and automate the complex projects associated with platform migration.

Netaxis Fusion is currently implemented by 70 leading operators across three continents, proving its effectiveness and reliability. The platform is celebrated not only for managing voice platforms by automating complex workflows such as number porting, SIP trunk management, lifecycle management, and service portals but also for its prowess in handling complex migrations.

One of the standout features of the Fusion platform is its ability to enable seamless automated transitions between different systems, reducing the risk of errors. For instance, during the upcoming Netaxis Inspiration Day, live demonstrations will showcase how enterprise customers can be effortlessly migrated from Cisco BroadWorks to Cisco Wholesale. This capability is critical for service providers aiming to minimise downtime and risk of errors and ensure a smooth transition for their customers.

Netaxis Powered Network

Fully Programmable
Flexibility 85%
Automated Provisioning
Automation 70%
Onboarding 80%
Central decision point
Service Orchestration 90%

Traditional Network

Manual Provisioning
Long feasibility study and testing
Multiple decisions points across networks

Moreover, Fusion offers the possibility for service providers to envisage hybrid scenarios, leveraging the best of breed offerings to enhance service delivery to both existing and prospective customers. This approach not only improves operational efficiency but also boosts customer satisfaction by providing more reliable and versatile services.

The upcoming Netaxis Inspiration Day promises to be the event, drawing over 300 experts from the service provider industry. Scheduled to span two days, the event will offer attendees not only a chance to witness Fusion's capabilities first-hand but also an opportunity to network with industry peers and discuss future trends in telecommunications. 

Service providers looking to navigate the complexities of voice platform migration are encouraged to join this event. The insights and tools shared here are likely to reshape how they manage migrations, transforming potential obstacles into opportunities for growth and innovation.


Stay tuned for announcements about the next Inspiration Day!

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